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what dudes are saying

welcome to the alpha quorum

“Your show has been a refreshing bit of both honesty about life as men and a challenge to be better.”


Ft. Wayne, IN

“This message is long overdue.  There are plenty of shows out there for fitness and exercise and reaching goals, but the level of great content in the areas of relationships and emotional health is pretty bad@$$.”


Las Vegas, NV

“I’ve been listening since episode one and you guys are definitely on to something here.”


Idaho Falls, ID

the mission

To Lead men to evolve by engaging with a tribe to improve their attitudes, actions, and attributes.

the vision

To inspire Grown-Ass Man Evolution (GAME).

What Is a quorum?

a select group

Men need the counsel of other dudes to check themselves. According to Robert’s Rules of Order, the definition of a quorum is the minimum number of voting members who must be present at a properly called meeting in order to conduct business in the name of the group. A quorum should consist of a number that is as large as can be depended upon for being present at all meetings. Basically it means a simple majority. We need encouragement, confrontation, support, and sometimes the proverbial “ass-kicking” in order to not be foolish. We believe that men are most dangerous and destructive to themselves and their relationships when they are isolated. So, a quorum is a brain trust. A mastermind group. A tribe of mentors. Read on so you can get involved.

here, it means a body of men, pushing one another to level up

We are tribal creatures, and have become so isolated which eliminates the natural systems of support that we are wired for.  Join with other men who seek to unleash their masculine power and become, once again, leaders of themselves and their families.


Alpha is the first letter of the Greek alphabet and is often used to described the first in a series, the dominant animal or person in a particular group.  It denotes a person with a dominant role or position in a given sphere. In astronomy, it is the first (and typically brightest) star in a constellation.

The recent drift of the notion of “alpha male” is disappointing and we are not talking about the guys out there on sexual conquests or just breeding.  We are much more sophisticated than simply beasts running around pursuing pleasure.

For this group, alpha is an archetype.  It is about the best and the brightest within YOU.  This isn’t about ranking men according to their sexual market value. Rather, we seek to become more of our best qualities, whatever they are for a given man.
When life gets hard, when there’s something important on the line, when the stakes are high and the energy is low, reach within yourself for the alpha part.  That’s the part where you are a benevolent king and a fair-fighting warrior.  A teacher and a magician and a lover and a rescuer. You operate from a place of integrity and character and you live aligned with principles that produce the best in yourself and everything and everyone within your reach. 🔺

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who we are

Brad Singletary, LCSW

Founder, producer, host

Brad is a twice-married father to six boys. He  brings over 20 years of experience in helping people through the worst kinds of situations. He operates a thriving therapy and coaching practice in Las Vegas, Nevada. Hailing from a small, Gulf-coast town near Tallahassee, Florida, Brad and his family operated a commercial crabbing business where he learned how to be obsessed with work. He played two years of college football before his third knee surgery ended his career.

mike spurgin



Mike has worked with hundreds of men over the past decade, particularly in dealing with relationships, addictions and compulsive behaviors.  He is an avid dirtbiker and takes groups of men on back country tours of Baja, Mexico on motorcycles to deepen brotherly bonds and find strength from each other working together on some fun challenges throughout the trips.  In addition to his full-time career in construction, Mike manufactures and sells accessories for dirt bikes.

frequently asked questions

Read some of our fans and members’ common questions and the answers to them here:

why are you doing this?

We see that men around the world have become either too soft or too hard.  We are often either too passive or too aggressive.  Assertiveness, male strength, and good honorable examples of manhood are missing.  We seek to inspire a restoration of that.

aren't you just reverse feminists?

No.  Feminism has its own place.  Our position does not oppose feminism’s major tenets which deal with equality.  What we want men to do is to step up and be more of who we are dsigned to be.  Pull our weight and contribute even more.  Be of service to others. Be kind. Respect women and children. And yes, fight for the fair treatment of everyone, especially the truly vulnerable.

what are your views about women?

Women are beautiful and wonderful and mysterious creatures who bless the lives of everyone on earth.  Women have innate gifts and talents that, in general, men do not have.  Women are to be celebrated, respected, treated as equals, and defended, protected.  They are to be loved and cherished and given the utmost respect.

why does everyone need to be masculine?

We don’t suggest that everyone ‘needs’ to be anything, but that if men notice they are not effective in their lives, it often has to do with a diminished sense of masculinity. They feel somewhat powerless and seek to gain some certainty in unhealthy ways, like with substance abuse, unhealthy sexual behavior, anger, control and other maladaptive measures.

what are your positions on gay and trans men?

These are complex issues unfitting to be answered in a simple FAQ format.  In short, we love and respect our gay and trans brothers and hope to help them fulfill their own self-determined goals of masculinity for themselves.  What people do sexually is only of interest to us if it is destructive to themselves or others, in which case we seek to inspire them to make changes that respect themselves and the honor of others.

is this a christian group? You talk about god a lot.

One of our basic beliefs is that healthy masculinity involves ‘reverence.’ This can be defined as a respect for the earth, the universe, nature, science, art, and other human beings. We value having a big-picture perspective about life that is appreciated and enhanced with practical and sensory experiences like enjoying and honoring the ocean and wildlife and the stars. We respect and promote a relationship with a higher power. For some of us, we consider that higher power to be “God’ in the Judeo-Christian sense, but others have differening views of spirituality which we respect. The hope is just that people have a way of viewing the purpose of life that inspires them to make choices that can predictably lead to their happiness based on the timeless wisdom of civilations past and present.

what is the role of "society" in men's problems and how do we change it?

While society’s evolution has affected men’s development, we choose not to seek anyone to blame, and instead to correct what is happening.  It starts with individuals who lead: first themselves, then others by a strong and consistent setting of examples that can be emulated which will produce healthier human life.  It starts with you.

how do you define masculinity?

Masculinity is the adherence to the principles outlined in the Red 9. This is not an easy concenpt to define but it has to do with the strength, courage, honor, skill mastery, and maturity of men.

can i be masculine if i like non-manly things?

Masculinity isn’t about stereotyped characteristics.  It is about being the healthiest version of who you are.  Some men are more sensitive and empathic.  Some are bold and competitive.  Some men are cops and some are kindergarten teachers.  There are no limits for masculinity, only that the individual is growing and dominating HIMSELF, disciplining his base and selfish desires, providing more than he consumes, working hard, respecting himself and others while defends and protects himself and his tribe, and brings good things into the lives of others.

DISTRACTIONS & DOUBT: A Case for Silence

Let me tell you about my day. I know that is a sentence that, coming from anyone but a girl you are actively trying to sleep with, instantly kills any desire to keep listening, but I promise that it’s relevant to your happiness, self confidence, and future development as a man.   I woke up on a cold Saturday morning at 6:30 AM confused as to why I was already awake. Considering I had been up until 1:30 AM the night before playing video games with my roommates, I had...

Alphas Know How to Love

There are many contributors out there in the manosphere. They preach messages about six-pack abs and the ability to use a bow and arrow and they portray images of themselves in front of their Lamborghini’s and jets. That’s not necessarily our brand of masculinity.

An Alpha knows how to love.


What’s your job right now? What business do you need to be handling? Focusing at work, playing with your kids, getting the bill payments sent out? Dude, you have to be serious and intentional with every moment of your time. Get your $#!+ done. The substance of stress is unfinished WORK.

The 3 Options You Have When You’re Angry

THE 3 OPTIONS YOU HAVE WHEN YOU’RE ANGRY As I have worked with people over the last 20 years in a coaching capacity, I have found that one very common issue underlies people’s pain, stagnation, worry and failures: anger. I’m not talking about the kind of anger where you are throwing things around you too make people feel scared or relieve some intensifying arousal based on momentary hatred or rage. I’m talking about anger that you don’t even realize is anger. The Freudians would say that...

When You Should Never Say “I Don’t Know”

t happened again today--twice--by two different people. There is no more counterfeit humility known to man than the use of the easy-out reply “I don’t know” when asked for an opinion.  Two men did this today in my office and it put the nail in the coffin for me for my theory that this is one of the most likely of indicators that a man has become weak and lazy. In the first incident, it was a man of maturity.  A former engineering professional who is struggling in his...

How Not to Be a Typical Man

ou've heard it before. The sarcastic-toned critique from someone who is sick of your $#!+. After some discovery of you failings, the trash you didn't take out, the birthday you forgot, the overspending on some self-absorbed purchase--you get what many men get, the dreaded T-Word a comment about you being a "typical man." It's like a gender slur. Some unfair assault on you regarding your gender. But it isn't so much your gender this person is attacking. It is your perceived...

take action instead of waiting to be acted upon

I wish I had learned this one earlier in life. Nobody cares about your feelings. The sooner you can accept this fact the better.Stop what you are doing right now and repeat this to yourself, “Nobody cares about my feelings.” Do it while staring in the mirror if it helps. Repeat this ten times. Stings a little, doesn’t it? Life is full of truths that sting, deal with it. Your wife doesn’t care, your kids don’t care, your mother doesn’t care. NONE. OF. THESE. PEOPLE. CARE. Now I am not...
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learn the code

The RED 9 are the attributes of the alpha state.  Find out what the principles of the RED 9 are here.

mastermind groups

When you have support, insight, and feedback from others, you are much more likely to get where you're going.


Check out our reading list of the most influential books we know that you may also enjoy.  This list is growing and we will add items to it regularly.