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season four

111: PUT DOWN THE STICK - Self-Forgiveness and Recovery with Paul Wilkes, MD

Today’s guest, Dr. Paul Wilkes, is more than a renowned physician; he’s a man who’s faced the turbulence of addiction while building a luminous medical career. Born into a lineage of medical excellence, he’s delivered 14,000 newborns and is a devoted father of three.
Despite his accomplishments, Dr. Wilkes grappled with alcohol and drug addiction. He’ll share the hard-earned wisdom that led him to self-forgiveness and making amends. His commitment goes beyond medicine; he serves on the boards of two local foundations and donates his expertise to women’s shelters.

110: A TINY BIT WILLING - Fear, Ego, and Addiction with Dave Marlon

Brad sits down for the first time (in person) with a Las Vegas legend in the world of addiction recovery and treatment. This man helped Brad escape a relapse into alcoholism during COVID. They attended groups and spoke online and Brad now has 941 days of sobriety. Our guest this week is Dave Marlon.


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show contributors

Brad Singletary, LCSW

Las Vegas men's coach and licensed therapist, Brad is the muscle behind the Alpha Quorum and produces the podcast and handles social media, web development, and other aspects of the enterprise. 

Mike Spurgin

Mike has worked with hundreds of men over the past decade, particularly in dealing with relationships, addictions and compulsive behaviors.  He is an avid dirtbiker and takes groups of men on back country tours of Baja, Mexico on motorcycles to deepen brotherly bonds and find strength from each other working together on some fun challenges throughout the trips.  In addition to his full-time career in construction, Mike manufactures and sells accessories for dirt bikes.