The Red 9

by Aug 27, 2018

The real man smiles in trouble, gathers strength from distress, and grows brave by reflection.

-Thomas Paine

how to be a man:


I handle my business proactively and refuse to see myself as a victim. I respond with integrity and reliability to my own needs and those in my stewardship. I accept realities that I cannot change and change the unacceptable realities that I can. I am accountable to my own goals and the needs of my tribe. I do not seek out or ever become the villain. I rescue the truly vulnerable, but avoid entanglements with perpetual victims.


I leverage every available resource to provide security for myself and my family. I acquire and maintain assets with wisdom. I expand my knowledge and capitalize on my talents. I seek self-reliance and make preparations for the unforeseen.


I respect and seek contact with my higher power. I recognize my mortality and live each day reflectively valuing human life. I am teachable. I serve my family and community. My hope for the future is grounded in my recognition of the blessings in my past. I develop and express appreciation for all good things. I walk congruently aligned with correct principles.


I preserve the natural strength of my body with rigorous physical activity, proper diet and hydration, rest, and conscientiously use supplements and medical treatments. I avoid destructive indulgences and choose things that bring me vitality and strength. I create energetic moods by controlling my words, thoughts, and movements.


I am present. Wherever I may be, I am immersed in the moment. I eliminate distraction and act boldly and respectfully as the situation requires. I am fearless in defending myself and my tribe. My work is done with diligence and a pleasant attitude. I enjoy leisure and recreation reasonably, allow myself to entertain and be entertained. I maintain traditions with my tribe. I create fun and allow myself to smile, laugh and create good vibes alone and in the company of my loved ones. I use my voice to strengthen and defend myself and those who are vulnerable.


I am never out of the fight. I adjust my methods if necessary, but I persevere with fortitude and grit. I keep the outcomes I want in front of me, never losing sight of the end I am pursuing. I constantly acquire new tools and use what is at my disposal to continue on my path. I not only endure in my own journey, I inspire others to do this with effective leadership.


I seek learning in every form. I invest in my own knowledge and teach others. I am principled and perceptive. I maintain realistic expectations. I interpret what occurs with objectivity and rational mindedness. I am fair in my judgements, both of myself and other people. I have my own opinions and can assertively express them, even if they are unpopular. I seek worthy mentors and heed their wisdom.


I live a life of order. My finances are organized and I am relentless about pursuing financial security. My home, work space, and vehicle are maintained with adequate attention. My appearance is neat, purposeful, and clean. I am the master of time, money, and my environment. When necessary, I do things I do not enjoy with mastery over my mood. I exercise restraint and moderation, tempering my passions with prudence.


I am dignified and capable. I stand out because I bring value everywhere I go. I obtain wisdom and live it. I behave in ways that are respected by the people I respect. I am purposeful in my appearance, language, and manner. I lead others. I choose to associate with people who help me level up.