The Red 9

by Aug 27, 2018

The real man smiles in trouble, gathers strength from distress, and grows brave by reflection.

-Thomas Paine

how to be a man:


  • He does good.
  • He meets his own needs with integrity.
  • Never a victim, never a villain. Never blames, never harms.
  • Reliable. Follows through, keeps promises.
  • Has boundaries. Knows who to let in, who to leave out.
  • Admits wrongs and makes amends.
  • Accepts things he can’t change, changes what he can.


  • He figures it out.
  • He leverages every available resource to max advantage.
  • Recognizes himself as the resource. Increases his knowledge, talents and skills
  • He masters tools of every kind.
  • Acquires and multiplies assets of every kind.
  • Seeks and uses the keys of prosperity.
  • Self-reliant and prepared for likely hardships.


  • He is humble and grateful
  • Seeks contact with a power greater than himself. 
  • Reflects on his mortality and seizes every moment of life. 
  • He is teachable.
  • He forgives. 
  • He recognizes the sublime.
  • He expresses appreciation. 


  • He sustains vitality and positivity
  • He burns premium fuel. Intentional about food and water. 
  • Vigorously active to extend strength and stamina.
  • Judiciously uses supplements and medical treatments. 
  • He gets proper rest.
  • Free from addiction. 
  • Creates positive energy with thoughts, words, and movement.


  • He participates…with good vibes.
  • He shows up fully present and focused. 
  • Works hard at home and on the job. 
  • Enjoys leisure and recreation: he can entertain and be entertained. 
  • Honors, creates and participates in traditions.
  • He connects. Listens, laughs and loves openly. 
  • Assertively expresses thoughts and feelings. He is bold, honest, respectful.


  • He patiently pursues what he wants.
  • He trains his mind first. 
  • Keeps what he’s pursuing visible as written goals.
  • Open to new approaches and adjusts when necessary. 
  • Patiently perseveres with fortitude and grit. 
  • Seeks and accepts support.
  • Knows his limitations and quits only when he must.


  • He is fair in his judgements.
  • He is internally perceptive and self-aware.
  • Observant of external patterns and recognizes truth. 
  • Has realistic expectations.
  • Interprets stress objectively and rationally. 
  • He understands cause and effect.  
  • He seeks worthy mentors and heeds their wisdom.


  • He lives a life of self control.
  • Master of his time.
  • Master of his money. 
  • Master of his environment. 
  • Master of his mood. 
  • Master of his actions. 
  • Master of his results.


  • He stands out by bringing value.
  • He is skilled with both people and things.  
  • Lives congruently with his beliefs. 
  • Respected by the respected. Trusted by the trusted. 
  • He shows up with dignified strength: in word, appearance, behavior. 
  • Effectively leads others.
  • Connected to a tribe of Red9 Alphas.