PROBLEM: you have things you need to discuss about struggles in your personal life but don’t want your issues known in the Facebook group. Maybe you have friends there so you don’t want to talk about your left nut problems or lack of sexual confidence or the fact that you’re dead broke and don’t know what to do next.




What is Discord?


Discord is a communication app that was originally designed for gamers but since it was created in 2015 has been a home for many other types of communities. There are “channels” in each server based on different topics. Users can anonymously share questions, feedback, private messages to each other and even interact with voice and video.


Why do we think it will be valuable?

You want some real talk but just can’t do it anywhere else.


How could this be good for you?

With Facebook, your name and profile pictures are visible. So even in a private group like this one, people can still know your name and scope out your profile and it is hard to have super-private dialogue without people knowing your actual business.


Let’s say your wife cheated. Or maybe you have a porn problem and you want to repair things. If you talk about that here, guys are going to click your profile and try to see who she is. Let’s say you have substance use problems and want to talk about it but you are a high-profile attorney or business owner and need some anonymity.


Pick a non-identifying username in Discord and post away.


There are channels based on topics. For example:

#localchannels (Nevada, So Cal, Australia, Mexico, etc)



I have been using this for several months with my local men’s groups and they use it to communicate with each other between groups. It is working very well and we are going to open this up to all men who are ready to stop making excuses and get their lives together. You can share documents, pics, attachments, and freely discuss whatever is going on without fear of any shame at all. You can get serious about the feedback you need by screened participants, and still remain anonymous yourself. Brad Singletary is the only one who will know who is who and he keeps secrets for a living.


If you want to be more open without worrying about being identified, our Discord server is totally for you. If you have no troubles and no wisdom to share, it isn’t. If you’re not interested in spending 5 minutes to learn how to use a new tool, it isn’t for you.


But if you’re an Alpha, resourceful and ready to be more connected with unfiltered honesty, it is.


Who’s in?