Men need men.  We function best when we have a small circle of very close connections with men who can love and support us and punch us in the mouth occasionally when we need correcting.   We recommend that every dude has a handful  of capable men to help him figure out how to be better. This is a worldwide movement.  Get connected in all of the ways offered below:

ways to get more Involved


The attitudes, actions, and attributes of mature masculinity. Learn More 🔺

  • responsibility
  • resourcefulness
  • reverence
  • energy
  • engagement
  • endurance
  • discipline
  • discernment
  • distinction

Alpha63 Assessment

Take a 63-question survey and compare your answers to other men based on the Red9: responsibility, resourcefulness, reverence, energy, engagement, endurance, discipline, discernment, and distinction. This is by no means any kind of scientific, diagnostic tool; it is an informal survey to help you reflect on your attitude, actions, and attributes. The report, however, is a very impressive and insightful tool. Take The Alpha63 🔺

Private FB Group for Men

Join with over 1,500 men worldwide to discuss growth, ask questions, get feedback on your struggles or challenges. Only members of this group will see what you post. A few of the guys here are my clients but most are not, and I don’t even know most of them, so no one will know we are working together. 🔺

Alpha Quorum Discord

Would you like to discuss things anonymously? Don’t wanna go public about low sex drive, what to do if you’ve been unfaithful, the rash on your scrotum or an anger problem?  Discord is where you can select an anonymous username and share away.  Topics include #books #masculinity #politics #finance #career #fitness #diet #spirituality #sobriety #localmanmeetups and many more.  This is a fairly new platform for us to use so there aren’t as many people there.  The benefit to this platform over Facebook is you can be anonymous. 🔺

Alpha Quorum Instagram

Get inspirational content in your feed, see highlights from podcasts and engage with other men here as well. 🔺

Brad's instagram

Follow the founder and host of the Alpha Quorum and The Alpha Quorum Show podcast.  Brad Singletary, LCSW is a licensed therapist who operates a thriving counseling and coaching practice out of Las Vegas, Nevada USA. 🔺

In person groups for men

The Alpha Quorum is running five in-person groups in Henderson, Nevada. The groups focus on all challenges that men may face including marriage, parenting, mental health, addiction recovery, divorce adjustment and career success. Click this blurb to get on a waiting list when there are openings.  Not in the Las Vegas area? Click on the option below for video options for elite mastermind groups for men. 🔺

Video Groups for men

Meet with other men who want to be better.  You might be completely broken, you might be a high performer who wants to fine-tune your life.  There’s nothing like a group of men committed to meeting with you regularly to give you some honest feedback.  Join us. 🔺

the Alpha360 challenge

A 60-day challenge for men to get seriously disciplined and create a change in attitude, actions, and attributes.  🔺


A podcast for men. This is the link to the AlphaQuorum show on iTunes/Apple Podcasts. This is high-value information for men all centered around growth in all aspects of life.  Previous gusts have been Olympians, law enforcement officers, recovery coaches, therapists, psychologists, marriage and family therapists.  Check this out and subscribe to our show! 🔺

the alpha quorum show (Spotify)

A podcast for men. This is the same as above just for Spotify.  Check it out and subscribe! 🔺

the alpha quorum YouTube Channel

Most of the content here is audio and video of The Alpha Quorum Show, a podcast for men. Subscribe when you see what we are doing!! 🔺


Get updates on shows, events, groups, 60-day challenges and all things ALPHA. 🔺

ways to get others more connected

Like, Follow, Subscribe, & Share

Invite the men you know to follow our pages, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter (coming soon), private FB group and Discord server.  🔺


This endeavor does not make money, it takes money.  Your donation can help us with paid ads, pay for developers and designers, pay for tech tools we use, and can help programs we are currently putting together for men like the Betterment Fund (a tool scholarship for young professionals and apprentices or interns), counseling assistance for men who can’t otherwise access therapy services, etc.  🔺


Be on the podcast, share your ideas in planning meetings and committees, help with creative projects, be on an advisory board, write, edit, produce content, assist with social media, etc. Click here to contribute.  🔺


Join the discussions and share insights with men online

Give men perspective about the questions they post in our Facebook group and Discord server. You can also contribute to the momentum by sharing your own questions and ask for feedback in your own life by sharing them in the Facebook group and anonymously in the Discord server.      🔺