messages to mark


Your friend really loves you man. He loves you because of all the good times you’ve had and the ways you have made his life better. He says you’re having a hard time and is worried about you. I’m not sure what all you have experienced but it seems like you’ve been through a lot.

We don’t know each other and I could never fully understand your hardships even if I knew you and even if I was right there with you. I’m just writing this to let you know that you are an important part of this world, especially to the people close to you.

When I have gone through hard times, it is so easy to count all them up and feel it’s all so unfair. And so much of life really IS unfair! What helps me is to look at what I still have in my life. Usually the most important things are the people around me and the fact that I’m still here and still have a chance. 

Gratitude is my medicine. I don’t know what all you might have to be thankful for but I know if you look around and notice, you will find miracles all over the place. The beautiful people who have loved you and the cherished memories of amazing things you’ve been a part of.

I hope you get some relief soon, brother. See what you can do. Open yourself up and talk, man. There is meaning in what you have suffered and I hope you can find that. There are some gifts in all the bad stuff.

I’m sending you some good energy, dude. Sending up a prayer to my higher power for you to know and feel your value and worth to all who care for you. May you be blessed with some comfort is what I hope the most.

Stay stong, Mark.

Brad, Las Vegas, NV

Dear Mark,

hang in there! With issues of mind its a crab shoot till you find which combination or Med works best for you! You will survive! you need to just keep in contact with friends and family. As they can help you! For when your miserable then can help cheer you up! Never give up I know easier said then done but with a positive attitude any thing is possible. Even impossible can be turned to im possible,, just remember that you have a lot of people aka family and friends rooting for you! Even complete strangers rooting that you are able to succeed in life and be happier for that one thing like they say can make or break you, so find one thing like in city slickers to get you threw the hard times ok! that is the best advice i can give is just find the one thing that keeps you going! Also never feel less than anybody else OK! don’t compare to others as some some. just be you!

Mark Poppleton, utah


We don’t know each other, but one of your friends shared a little about your story and i wanted to reach out and let you know that you’re not alone. I’m really sorry to hear about your loss of your dad. I also heard that health issues have been plaguing you for a while. I know that the combo of those two things, plus just life in general, can make each day a struggle. I wanted to drop you a note of encouragement.

You were described as a champion and a warrior. Sometimes in a dark valley it’s easy to forget who we are, but those who know you see your full potential and are pulling for you. I think this quote is appropriate:
“the enemy fights you the hardest when you’re on the verge of a horizon of a greater truer newer version of you that God has seen all along.” – pastor Steven Furtick

I heard that quote in a sermon the other day. I think it was meant for you. Keep your chin up. When you emerge from this valley you will see in the mirror what others were able to see all along, and it is good.

Josh- Denver, Colorado


This week has been the toughest of my life. We lost a baby that we were expecting to bring home. It’s been brutally hard. But I’ve learned something important about helping others heal.

You know what I realized? That it doesn’t matter what anyone says. It doesn’t matter how beautiful of flower arrangements they bring to your doorstep or whether they bring you spend hours making you a home-cooked meal or just grab some in’n’out and drop it off on their way home. It doesn’t matter because none of it helps. No food, no flower, no card makes the pain of loss any better. What helps is realizing that people care. Some of them are good friends and some of them have been perfect strangers — for us, nurses and doctors who sat with us and cried.

Their words don’t fix anything, but them just showing up or stopping to care has helped my heart hurt a little bit less.

So Mark, today, I’m your perfect stranger. I’m the guy who will sit and cry with you even though I’ve never met you. It won’t fix anything, and I’m sorry for that, but I hope that it gives you a little glint of hope that this world maybe doesn’t suck as bad as it has seemed the past few years. And that there are still plenty of us out there who care enough to stop and say something or do something — as pathetic as our attempts may be — to help a brother who is hurting. Hang in there, brother. Healing takes time.


Nathan - San Jose, CA

Bromigo! I hear that you may be in some rough and tough times right now and I want to you know that I feel you and can completely and fully relate. I don’t know what you’re dealing with or the issues you’re facing but what I know all to well is how life can compound for us and how problems can stack up and become overwhelming. It’s shitty and not fun. What I’ve learned though is to get another brother on your side and run through the mess in your head with him and rap that shit out. The act of talking it through in itself helps hugely. Massive. It’s essential for me to do this step. And the last thing is pray to a higher power. Get some power from that up in there. I’ve fallen to my knees many times when life kicks them out from under me and every time it’s been just the thing to begin getting my head on night. Stay in the fight my man and I’m on your side. God speed and much love brother Mike 702-812-6626 Always available if I can help in any way.

Mike, vegas

Hi Mark, I can only imagine what you are going through. I too have had my struggles and to this day find sometimes life is an absolute bear. What I have found that helps is to take it day by day and even minute by minute if that is what it takes. You don’t have to go it alone sometimes sharing pain with other people that have dealt with similar situations is extremely beneficial. Living life on life’s terms and facing stuff head on can be painful but it will fade and you will get through it. Much love and hope brother

Steve, Pacifica CA .