PROBLEM: you have some things to work on and you have friends and supportive family but you need a legitimate tribe of men to meet with regularly to support you, hold you accountable and to provide mutual encouragement and share ideas about what you need to be doing to find and follow-through on solutions. 



These groups will be held on the Zoom video platform. These groups will be facilitated by a regular dude who is familiar with group process and has demonstrated significant personal strength and growth.

This is not therapy, more like a support group. There will be weekly topics related to the Red9 (discipline, responsibility, engagement, for example). The expectation will be regular attendance, valuable participation which includes sharing your challenges and being open to feedback and sharing your insights to other men with their struggles.

We will try to match up men with similar situations (going through a divorce, business owners, fitness focus, parenting, etc). But sometimes the best fit is about scheduling and the personalities involved and you don’t have to be focused on the exact same things in order to get significant value from your interactions. You can visit the groups and find a fit that works for you.

In the future, we may charge a fee for the groups. FOR NOW: no monies are owed to the Alpha Quorum. 

The ideal arrangement seems to be every other week for 2 hours. This allows plenty of time for each man to share what he’s dealing with and get some meaningful feedback. Having two weeks between groups allows you to have time to work on your situation and return and report your progress. They could also be weekly for an hour if everyone in your group prefers that.