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season three

109: UNCONQUERED - How To Believe In Yourself

In this episode of The Alpha Quorum Show, Brad Singletary delves deep into the components that make you unconquered despite life’s adversities. The opening segment kicks off with a call to acknowledge your resilience and fortitude in facing life’s multifaceted challenges. Brad explores why shifts in direction are not defeats but rather strategic adaptations that showcase your ability to adapt and prevail.

108: ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING with Andy Giddings

Brad Singletary and Andy Giddings go full send on the topic of attitude. We discuss a model that identifies how our attitude is formed, how to recognize our attitude, and how it both precedes and follows action. Andy describes the process he went through as an inmate in an Idaho State Prison where he changed some beliefs about himself, about life, and discusses some of the things he still struggles with. This highly insightful episode will give you an understanding of what impacts attitude and how to correct yourself when you have a $hi++y one.

107: PERSEVERANCE - Turning Losses Into Wins with Jim Williams

He was born with severe hearing loss and struggled to learn because of his hearing. His father taught him that to truly pay attention, he needs to use his eyes to hear. He learned to read lips which worked out for him until he went on a church mission to Chile and had to learn Spanish as a near-deaf young adult man. His difficulties were almost unbearable, even with the best of technology at the time. Later, he graduated from college and took advantage of a book-reading program in his job where he could get paid for reading self-improvement books.

106: TEAR AND REPAIR - How Fitness Works with Jorge Velilla

Master Trainer Jorge Velilla joins the Alpha Quorum Show and shares extremely useful information about fitness, mindset, and how to go about getting started toward a healthier lifestyle. Jorge has been managing gyms, personal trainers, and construction and renovation projects since the 1990’s. He shares how the difficulty of his childhood sparked the fire that burns in him today as he shares wisdom and inspires confidence in his worldwide clientele.

105: LOST CAUSE - How Not To Be One with Jimmy Durbin, LCSW, LCADC

Ongoing contributor Jimmy Durbin returns to headquarters to share some background info about how he moved from being a lost cause to a man of success and integrity. He describes how he identified two characters within him: Jim and Jimmy. Jim is his self-absorbed ego and the part of him that wants to destroy everyone that Jimmy loves. Jimmy is his pure and whole spiritual self where nothing is missing and he is centered on love. He teaches that thoughts are the language of the mind and emotions are the language of the body. Check out this super high-value episode out for wisdom that will bless your life no matter who or where you are.

104: RITES OF PASSAGE - The Making of a Man

David Scofield (Alpha Quorum 2022 Man of the Year) comes back to headquarters to report on the alpha things he’s been doing this year including getting his daughter into racing and sponsoring a car show at an assisted living facility where he also started a monthly men’s group for seniors. He then flips the script and interviews founder Brad Singletary about what events in his life have helped him grow up as a man. Brad discusses the reasons he puts so much time and effort into the Alpha Quorum when there is no benefit to him. We discuss rites of passage and the process of becoming a man in the modern world.

103: FAMILY LEADERSHIP - with 2023 Man of the Year Mitch Baxter

Air Force Veteran and current civilian firefighter at Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi, Mississippi, and 2023 Alpha Quorum Father of the Year winner Mitch Baxter discusses family leadership and how to be the head of household in ways that foster respect for the man and love for his family.

102: DAMAGED GOODS, DAMAGED MEN - How To Heal Both with Andy Giddings

Brad Singletary continues the discussion with his nephew, Andy Giddings, who was recently released from prison on five felony convictions. He had never trained a dog before getting locked up but took advantage of his opportunity to learn and grow by being a developmental leader of a 63-man dog training program. Because he was a leader, his first dog was “Primo”, a deaf bully who would chase shadows. Andy ended up developing a very organized group of inmates who worked with dozens of dogs to rehabilitate them. What he found wasn’t just a love of dogs.

101: CHOOSING PRISON - Sometimes You Surrender with Andy Giddings

This dude right here has reached manhood. Boys become men after they’ve spent three or four decades in the boyhood desert. Paradoxically, both feeding and trying to slay the bad wolf inside him at the same time, he was recently released from prison, spending the better part of a decade locked up after a lifetime of trauma. He chose meth and heroin over everything else.

He developed a pit bull rescue and rehabilitation program and managed 63 men, helping them all obtain their GEDs. Join me for the story of a man who chose prison in order to be free.


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show contributors

Brad Singletary, LCSW

Las Vegas men's coach and licensed therapist, Brad is the muscle behind the Alpha Quorum and produces the podcast and handles social media, web development, and other aspects of the enterprise. 

Mike Spurgin

Mike has worked with hundreds of men over the past decade, particularly in dealing with relationships, addictions and compulsive behaviors.  He is an avid dirtbiker and takes groups of men on back country tours of Baja, Mexico on motorcycles to deepen brotherly bonds and find strength from each other working together on some fun challenges throughout the trips.  In addition to his full-time career in construction, Mike manufactures and sells accessories for dirt bikes.