What’s your job right now? What business do you need to be handling? Focusing at work, playing with your kids, getting the bill payments sent out? Dude, you have to be serious and intentional with every moment of your time. Get your $#!+ done. The substance of stress is unfinished WORK. .
That will never change. The work will NEVER be done. But it must be done. We want to follow the path of least resistance…it’s wired into us to be that way, to preserve our resources and “save” our energy for when bears attack. .
But there aren’t any bears. Today it is heart disease. Unpaid taxes. Trash cans that have to go to the curb. A sink load of dishes. A problem to solve with your significant other. Getting a grip on your addiction or other compulsive behavior. Helping a friend. Saving for a vacation with your kids. CHILD SUPPORT. .
Whatever your business, handle it bro. You’re a frkng WARRIOR and you were made to win. You have power you dont even know exists yet. Find it. Pray for it. Strengthen it. Need some help? Contact us so we can set you up with a coach, resources, and people who can help you understand who You. Really. Are.